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Over the years of letting we have built up a group of reliable, trustworthy, competitive contacts that help us too look after our landlords properties.


Whatever level of service you decide upon from TENANT FIND-RENT COLLECTION-MANAGED you will have access to these trades at no additional cost, however if you have your own people that you wish to use that is absolutely fine, just give us their contact details and we will add them to your property file.


Landlord lettings options: 


Standard lettings options offered (Contact us for a tailored approach if what we offer, is not what you are looking for)


We can offer three different services for you:- Each of these can use either your contract or ours which is “Joint and Several”

  • Tenant find            2.5 weeks rent (You deal with tenants through tenancy)
  • Rent collection      7% of gross rent per month plus £125 set up fee. (You deal with tenants through tenancy)
  • Managed              10% of gross rent per month plus £125 set up fee  (You deal with us, we deal with tenants)

Each of the above will also attract a Tenancy admin fee (TAF) to cover referencing and our time in dealing with group to attain identity documents, do prescribed terms re deposit, issue required paperwork in this regard, chase those who do not respond and prepare tenancy previously paid for by tenants in admin fee, now banned.

The charge is £175 per adult tenant.  This in effect will not be an additional cost to landlord as the amount is added to the rent agreed and spread over the 12 month tenancy period  example below

Rent agreed is £1000pcm with two tenants moving in + £420 inc of vat for TAF.

If the term of tenancy is 12 months the TAF is spread over the 12 month period 420/12 = 35.

The rent is therefore set at £1035pcm.

Each of the above fees are subject to VAT and the TAF.


For each of the above we will find and reference, (with a professional company who will credit check/score) the tenants plus guarantors for the tenancy as well as confirm their employment situation be it employed or self employed.

We request guarantors to be UK home-owners, if they are not we will discuss with you other options, ie monies on account or payment in part or full for tenancy.

All viewings are accompanied by a member of our team.

We look to find the right people for each property rather than just take the first people that come along, you are welcome to meet them prior to making a decision on them.




  • Once the file is complete, ie we have all required documents (identity and signed/witnessed tenancy sheets plus monies owed we will produce a contact sheet and allow you to organise check in unless you have instructed us to do inventory and check in whereby we will have them seen in and then forward file to yourself including inventory.  *We can hold file in office if you wish and just send contact sheet.

RENT COLLECTION: Includes the above plus:


  • Pass on rent to yourself and produce statement of account to landlord and receipt to tenant
  • Make reasonable attempts to chase up late rent with tenant/guarantor
  • issue required section 21 notice at end of tenancy

MANAGED: Includes all of the above, plus:


Unlike many agents we do not charge to arrange gas safety certificates etc as we feel this is covered in the managed charge, in a lot of cases the landlord will pay an extra £20-40 for anything their agent organises.


We will


  • Lodge the tenancy deposit with the Deposit Protection Service
  • do quarterly inspections and produce a report for tenancy and landlord
  • Complete prescribed information and issue terms and conditions of Deposit protection Service
  • With your instruction, arrange for works/ maintenance to be carried out on property with either one of our trusted contractors or you can supply details of contractors you wish to use 

We can arrange inventories for you at an additional cost, we recommend a local professional company for this service and can obtain quote for you.  They can also do the check in and check out. Tenancy pays towards check out.


You are welcome to use your own trades for works on the property as long as they comply to regulation ie For central heating they must be GASSAFE registered, formerly Corgi.


We use the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme) for deposits, for Managed we will submit deposit, for the other two you will need to register with them directly as per terms of our tenancy.  It’s simple quick and free to register.  http://www.depositprotection.com/default.aspx?bhjs=1&fla=1


We believe that our business is about relationships, we act for the landlord and will do our best by them but we also have a duty to treat the tenant(s) with courtesy and respect.


We look for the properties to be well maintained by both landlord and tenant alike.


We keep all landlord and tenant monies in a dedicated client account, we do not have an addtional client money protection scheme.


Should you have further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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